Jessica Newlyn Beers

                       Certified Massage Therapist

"I feel deeply nurtured - returned to myself - by Jessica's massage work. And really grateful too!"

~ Cali Gaston, LAc,

             Great Bell Acupuncture

Pregnancy, Pre-Conception and Postpartum Massage

Deep Tissue Therapy


Swedish Massage

The Arvigo Techniques of

Maya Abdominal Massage

Gentle Touch for Seniors

"The dearest treat I can give myself is an hour

    in the serene and powerful hands of Jessica Baraff.  My husband and I buy a book of five massages at a time.  We give them away to friends and fight over the rest. 

A gift for all!"

~ Kate Bennis

7 Moons WholeBodywork

Healing Touch for All Phases of Life

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